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Our top 5 pieces of advice when  circumstances are out of the ordinary

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Remain focused in disruptive times

1. Improve your personal digital dialogues 

We understand it’s challenging to navigate marketing efforts in increasingly

difficult times like these. Digital, personalized and relevant customer dialogues are now more important than ever. With more and more companies shifting their in-person strategies to online, your digital efforts must be sharp, relevant and personalized. digital marknadsföring

2. Focus on maintaining business-as-usual

This is the period where you need to step up as a leader, keep focus on maintaining your business and also look beyond the current crisis.

3. Crisis mode as opportunity 

We support organizations with a proven – fully remote – approach to be amongst those who succeed while facing the current challenges. Pressure to ensure business continuity paired with unpredictability - topped with the need of new remote ways of working is challenging. Successful companies overcome the initial phase of disruption and create increased stability by applying and strengthening elements of agile ways of working.
Our approach addresses the main areas: leadership, business steering, prioritizations & direction, ways of working & collaboration as well as mindset & shared culture. With our experience in implementing remote structures and collaboration models we support organisations to master current challenges and pave the successful way forward.

4. Secure key resources and competences 

The crisis is soon over and you as a leader must be able to manage your organization over the crisis. This will require people management and resource planning ahead of the problems.

We have more than 50 consultants at all levels and we can help you. Our team at Recoordinate remains laser-focused on your success at this time. While all businesses are in uncharted territory, our company was built to handle moments like this, and our relentless commitment to your success is stronger than ever.

5. Save time with automation

It´s impossible to be everywhere all the time. Automated workflows with personalized customer journeys frees up time for what makes your marketing efforts move forward; concept development, testing, evaluation and refinement.

About us

Recoordinate is a management consulting and marketing services firm with more than 50 professionals. We generate growth for our customers, through sales- and marketing, data-activation and organizational development. 

Data-driven growth comes from much more than just being good at data so we also rely on our content, campaigns and customer insight solutions to execute on these strategies.

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