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Digital marketing is a concept that we have become accustomed to over the last decade. But just like many other technologies, it evolves and refines over time. So what does digital marketing look like in the future?



When mentioning digital marketing, most people go to websites, social media, email and various forms of digital advertising. There are many channels to create content for, optimize and follow up. Using technical platforms such as modern Content Management System (CMS), Marketing Automation and Data Management Platform (DMP), creates the opportunity to automate and personalize digital marketing and create loyal customer relationships. 

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Digital marketing strategy

Marketing stategy


In order to work with digital marketing and marketing automation, a clear marketing strategy is needed. Inbound marketing is a concept that can be described as a marketing strategy, where companies create content and experiences that are attractive to existing and future customers. This must also be considered in relation to brand building communication that aims to raise brand awareness and preference about your brand offering.

To implement a digital marketing strategy, smart tools are required, ie CMS and Marketing Automation Systems and in the next step also a DMP. As you will notice, digital marketing, inbound marketing and marketing automation are usually mentioned together, as they have a very close natural dependence on each other.

Okay, what should I think of as a marketer?

Customer buying behavior has changed


In recent years we have seen a change in buying behavior, which also has come to affect the entire customer experience. Experience requirements have been dramatically increased and there are major global players who succeed and set the new perceived standard. The customer experience is the heart of your brand promise, products and customer interactions. An elaborate strategy, along with supportive technology, helps businesses adapt to the new rules of customer experience.

Customer insights are based on data


To maximize the effect on your customer experience, it needs to be based on insights about your customers' behavior, ie customer data. The data is often distributed in different channels and in different systems, which makes it difficult to achieve a comprehensive picture of the customer and to know what and how the customer should be treated. Data from different sources can be aggregated, and used to generate actionable customer insights, which form the basis for channel selection during the different phases of the customer journey, broken down by segment.

DMP, AI and predictive media purchases


To implement a customer segmentation for digital media purchases a Data Management Platform is needed, which collects and processes large amounts of data for marketing purposes. To take advantage of the power of a DMP, it should be completed to handle Big Data and AI algorithms to process and analyze large amounts of data from multiple sources. One of the major advantages of using a DMP are that companies can predictively, through scoring models, choose to advertise in the digital media channels broken down by customer segments, that produce the highest return on the company's income statement.




Testing is an extremely important component of digital strategy work. A / B testing of everything from subject fields to content should be standard in order to ensure a built-in improvement mechanism in your marketing communication. Test - Measure - Adjust - Repeat is a mantra that should be implemented as a natural part of strategy work as well as technical systems.

Future prediction and actionable insight

– the benefits of a truly data-driven organization

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