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Marketing to
Generation Z

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A Fresh Approach to Reach a New Generation of Consumers

This is an interview with the partner manager for the Nordics at Selligent, Lasse Foltmar. Selligent revealed a report with statics about Generation Z. Learn more about what makes generation Z different from previous generations and how you can connect with them.  

4 strategies were discussed in the recording:

  1. Brands must leverage data to unify commerce experiences

  2. Adopt technology that fits your target group and purpose

  3. Be Transparent. Generation Z find authenticity very important

  4. Be omnichannel - communicate seamlessly through all channels

Download the full report to read all 10 strategies. 

Do you want to read the full version? 

Download this report to learn more about marketing to generatiion Z. 

There is much more valuable content and actionable insights in the full report, Marketing to Gen Z: A Fresh Approach to Reach a New Generation of Consumers.

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Report - English

Marketing to Gen Z

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