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Content hub – An important part of your content marketing strategy

Budget cuts, savings, everyone is expected to be able to do everything, and more, in a less time. Does it sound familiar? Huh??

This is the truth for a lot of people in many workplaces today, and especially in communications and marketing departments. But does that equation really work?

It is hard to influence decisions that is related to cut-backs and budget savings, but there are things you can do to facilitate, improve and further develop for all the stakeholders.

Companies use more and more channels to reach out to customers in their customer journey and the competition for the customers is constantly increasing. I often meet organizations that produce a large amount of content with great quality, while working in silos where different parts of the organization manage their own channels without communicating with each other. So how can you ensure that you do not reinvent the wheel over and over again? How can you learn from each other and best leverage your assets and resources? Can you track all the leads that interact with your content and can you easily pass them a relevant “CTA” (Call to action).

Amazing content is not enough

To achieve success in content marketing it is not enough to just create fantastic content. You need to give the customer an equally amazing experience through all parts of the process. A great experience gives a better outcome, so strive to create experiences in every part of the value chain by adding value and being useful.

I meet companies, on an everyday basis, that have different platforms for their social networks like Facebook and Instagram, white papers, customer cases, campaign and web sites, to name a few. The different platforms also bring a lot of different types of measuring tools.

If you collect all content from all channels in one place using a content hub, you will increase the content availability as well as the customer’s ability to discover more offers and services while giving a better overview of all available content. With a content hub you will collect the statistics, which allows you to extract reports from all the channels from one single tool. You will gain increased control over all created content, this leads to the generation of new valuable contacts and in extension the customer’s commitment will increase while management and follow-up are improved in all channels.

By using a content hub, you can also take advantage of the ability to work agile, move fast and avoid lengthy processes and resource bottlenecks. You will have the opportunity to customize experiences for different user cases, buyers and audience groups, and utilize content marketing across the entire customer journey from awareness, evaluation, consideration, buying, using and service.

Content hub benefits – in short:

Commitment • You can create a customized experience, choose which content each customer get to see • Create easily accessible content for the customer • Get a better user interface and thus a better CX, customer experience

Lead generation • Lead the visitor in different processes through relevant Call-to-Actions • Customize and display your content smoothly with Agil placements without involving IT • Use Marketing Automation to drive traffic and convert visitors to leads

Administration • Increased control of all created content • No IT Bottleneck – You can publish content in your content hubs by yourself • Better and simplified processes

Lisen Åkerlund

Marketing & Communication Consultant and Digital Asset Management specialist


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