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Turning a super tanker – customer experience for global excellency

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

In 2015, Vattenfall initiated their journey towards excelling customer experiences in collaboration with Recoordinate. Covering all from transformed ways of working to implementing new technical solutions, the journey has been comprehensive, still keeping its clear vision and direction along the way.

Before the project started, Vattenfall consisted of hierarchical silos between departments having time-consuming processes and extensive delivery-cycles. Today, they successfully scaled agile ways of working and possess high-performing cross-functional teams. The goal was crisp and clear, the starting point for the process of work was the Customer Journey as well as the individualization and simplification of meeting the customer, regardless of the customer’s choices of interaction channels.

Being data-driven creates new possibilities

We operate in the middle of the 4th industrial revolution which means that access to data is crucial. A marketing automation tool enables a technical solution that promotes activities for relevance and loyalty.

Kristian Moazzami, a Marketing Consultant at Recoordinate, has been involved in the Vattenfall journey and explains that Vattenfall had a clear vision:

For Vattenfall, it was essential that they could facilitate continuous, personalized and relevant dialogues with customers, in all their inbound and outbound channels. They needed the ability to add value in every interaction, for the individual customer and, for the organization as such.

During 2015, Recoordinate led, in parallel with the agile transformation, the implementation of a Marketing Automation system. In the first phase, the focus was to automate processes and marketing in outbound channels and, to the greatest extent possible, digitize the customer journey.

Inbound and outbound marketing with Recoordinate
Inbound and outbound marketing with Recoordinate

The plan included a clear omnichannel-strategy and, in 2018, the second phase was initiated, consisting of an implementation of a system for Inbound Marketing. This enabled the facilitation of communication in both outbound and inbound channels.

Regardless of which channel a customer chooses, this individual expects a personal experience. We laid the ground for this, with an inbound module that enabled personified recommendations in every interaction, Kristian continued.

A step closer

In accelerating the application of the Inbound module in the aim for efficiency and valuable results from it, customer service as a channel was chosen. It was well suited for meeting the ambition and for the provision of personally customized recommendations in service, loyalty and cross-selling, in real-time.

Kristian continued, the challenge has been to decide in collaboration with the customer programs, what the dialogues with the customers should look like and, how they would be prioritized.

With thousands of interactions every day, there were great opportunities for fast results from the marketing automation tool. These effects were integrated and directly visualized in the agents interface.

Kristian says, In my opinion, the key is to think holistically and, at the same time, start to test on a small scale. In collaboration with the customer programs and, with the agile ways of working, we could build an efficient model that not only proved increased value for the business but, as well showed proof of improvements on experiences for customers.

When expanding the digital touchpoints in a customer journey, it will generate an incredible amount of data. Here, one challenge is to gain new customer insights from analysing such amounts of information.

Next step is to explore the possibilites of adding an AI-dimension. We would then, with the assistance of predictive AI and machine learning algorithms, analyse historically provided responses from customers. From this, we would find patterns that increase the personalization of interactions with customers even further, Kristian says.

The Vattenfall journey continues with having the customer in the centre of it all. They operate with new effective ways of working and innovative technical solutions and, in the time span of one generation, they have a clear strategy of being able to live fossil-free.


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