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How to effectively use AI for your digital marketing strategy

The integration of artificial intelligence, or AI, into digital marketing is now becoming a common occurrence in large organizations worldwide. However, many businesses are still yet to adopt AI into their strategies. While the process can be intimidating, the benefits that AI yields are too many to ignore. In today's market, making decisions based on data and customer insights is a must, and artificial intelligence is an integral part of the process.

The use of AI in business operations is a must in today's competitive markets. According to eMarketer, researchers found that digital Ad spending was about $357.31 in 2020, and this is predicted to increase through the coming years. The use of AI will help digital marketers identify upcoming trends and customer behaviors quickly and create new and more relevant customer dialogues and then adjust strategies, target specific demographics, and allocate different budgets to bring in the best possible results for their organizations.

Solving the challenges concerning the effective use of AI in digital marketing is essential and needs to be considered. As said by MarketingProfs, “Organizations that adopt AI will see a 58% increase in revenue, a 54% increase in traffic and engagement, and a 52% conversion increase.” AI therefore needs to become one of the standard methods used in digital marketing. It is extremely effective, and not adopting it will leave you trailing behind the competition.

So now that you know AI has a massive influence over how well digital marketing strategies perform, how do you use this information to get better results for your organization? Well, in the next section of this article, we’ll explore our top strategies on how you can implement AI and how it can help you make data-driven decisions.

Understand who your customers are

AI can help you learn the needs and sentiments of customers over time. Using data that has already been gathered on customers and their activity, you can by the use of AI find exactly what they are looking for, how they want it, and when the best time to deliver it is. Artificial intelligence can create customer profiles and intelligent customer segments to deliver better services than the customers had originally hoped for. AI can let you target customers with even more personalized offers and increase conversion rates to drive up revenue.

Artificial intelligence can also provide a personalized experience by the use of predictive modeling to get better results in every customer interaction, e.g. by recommendation engine functionality.

Targeted advertisements

In addition, AI can help automate the advertisement process to increase efficiency and achieve greater results. It can use all the available information on customers such as how they used your website, what they searched for, how they reached your organization, their age, sex, location and sentiments to target specific customers that best fit your advertisement's criteria. This will help ad conversions increase, and you will see instant growth in revenue by using AI for digital advertising.

Competitor research to gain a greater advantage

AI can give you a massive advantage over your competitors, you can for example track competitors to find out their marketing strategies. Once you figure out what your competition is doing – competition gets easier.

Enhance your SEO using artificial intelligence

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important aspect of digital marketing. Your digital marketing strategy should be focused on enhancing your SEO and increasing awareness about your organization and its services. The two go hand-in-hand and support each other, the greater your SEO, the more people that will end up seeing your advertisements and other elements involved in your digital marketing strategy.

You can use AI to optimize the keyword research process by finding the best keywords and key phrases to target. Therefore AI in SEO can be powerful. You save time by not manually conducting your SEO and gain more insights along the way.

Greater Content Creation

AI has the ability to help you create content that increases conversions and engagement. Using AI, digital marketing strategists can generate content maps to plan an end-to-end digital marketing strategy that continues to boost SEO and increase revenue.

Creating a content map can include topics about engaging customers. AI can then use the data collected on customers to generate content ideas that resonate with them. Creating the exact type of content that customers are looking for will further personalize the customer experience and let the customers know that your organization understands their needs.

In the end, this can lead to many benefits such as word-of-mouth promotion about your organization and increased conversions. AI could also be used to make the entire content creation process much smoother – e.g. creation of new content, tagging of it to name a few examples.


Hopefully, you can use our above advice to utilize AI in digital marketing effectively.If you are needing to stress the value of data-driven decisions, we hope that these tips can save you a lot of time and effort within this area. Above all, AI will lay the foundation to build competitive digital marketing strategies.


Helena Nordman Stålnacke

Strategic Advisor


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Head of Partnerships & Strategy

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