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6 Essential pillars for an Agile Organisation

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A cultural change does not happen by itself and it can be difficult to know at which end to start.


  • What structures affect the daily work the most?

  • What are the most essential pillars to prepare companies for future change?

Companies need to find a new way to run their business in order to continue to be successful in a complex world where everything is constantly changing. It's not enough to believe that a new way of working will do the trick, you need to be prepared to give up a lot to really bring about a change that makes the company equipped for future changes and needs.​


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1. How do you drive a cultural change in an organisation?

2. Define "Agile"?

3. What are the 6 essential pillars of an agile organisation?

4. What are the challenges of an agile organisation?

5. Where to start as a company?

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Whitepaper - English

6 Essential pillars for an Agile Organisation

Working agile is not just about changing the way you work.

To succeed in becoming agile "for real", you need to change the culture of the organisation.


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We help you navigate on your way to achieve business agility; driving cultural change together on all levels in the organisation. We provide guidance, support and help on how to change structures, roles and governance to establish a mindset shift. Practically, this means being your partner and trusted advisor in large scale transformational projects.

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