Customer Experience
the new battlefield
for winning the hearts and minds of the customers




Ability to deliver a successful customer experience initiative requires a combined set of key capabilities.


Agile transformation

By adopting agile practices across the enterprise, companies can become faster, more productive, and more responsive to customer needs.

Customer intelligence & AI

Data is the new gold and our customer interaction framework enables you to take use of AI and algorithms to democratize the data to make it availabe and actionable in your business.

Creative communication

The customer experience platform needs to be paired with crisp creative communication and concepts. We set the customer experience alive using a combination of creative services and relationship marketing techniques.

Based on experience from working with leading Nordic brands we deliver projects in a set of related areas with the end goal to strengthen your internal CX capabilities. 

Using our digital maturity models and implementation method  increases the effect of your marketing investments and success rate.


From organizational development, CX tech, AI and creative services we ensure that you can deliver a customer experience that is second to none!


Read more about our areas of expertise below.

Digital strategy


Companies face critical decisions as they address digitization as digitizations is blurring the lines between sectors, placing new demands on both leadership and organizational strategy.

CX technology

Customer demands are very, very different these days, We help IT and business to keep up with the CX  tech capabilities  cloud transformation plus control of spend and productivity. 

Business intelligence

A company's data is rarely ready for analysis and can provide the required granular transparency. Our cloud based BI and AI reporting solutions integrates data from multiple sources into a single point of truth that helps leaders find opportunities and pinpoint potential improvements.



Changing customer behaviors, advances in data and analytics, channel shifts and new growth expectations from the organization all set the agenda for marketing-driven growth.

To execute on this ambitious agenda sales and marketing organisations needs to get their processes aligned, tech-stack connected and organizations transformed into agile value streams.


Regardless if your business is B2B or B2C, Recoordinate can help develop your capabilities to set a new growth agenda. digitalisering


B2C companies should focus on personalization at scale, connecting data silos and activation of the customer data to enable it to be used in more marketing channels.  Using lifetime value and potential when measuring acquisition and loyalty campaigns adds a new dimension to ROI for marketing and enables profitable growth. We help our B2C clients to tackle these CX challenges and deliver on the new growth agenda.


B2B companies should use data and analytics to modernize internal processes in sales and pricing, redesign the customer journey and e-commerce. To access new customer segments companies should  start to disrupt the channels in which they operate and find new partnerships and innovative approaches.  We help our B2B customers to take on these challenges and deliver on a new business promise for the future. 





Become faster, more productive, and more responsive to customer needs.

Business transformation


We help you navigate on your way to achieve business agility; driving cultural change together on all levels in the organization. We provide guidance, support and help on how to change structures, roles and governance to establish a mindset shift. Practically, this means being your partner and trusted advisor in large scale transformational projects.


Agile coaching and interim solutions


Learning new ways of working requires professional instruction, coaching, training and mentoring of leaders, teams and employees to build high performing organizations. We provide you with this knowldedge as part of transformational projects, as interim solutions or as part of a Lean-Agile center of excellence.

Training and education  


We provide you with formal training in Agile methodologies and Agile leadership—tailored for you organizational needs, experience and situation.


Wörking Remötely


Team development and establishing psychological safety will be the most important differentiators for those teams who want to succeed in working remotely.

There is no "one size fits all" manual for remote working, but there are some excellent frameworks that can be adapted, like this one which is inspired by an IKEA manual.

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Digital is blurring the industry lines and shifting the competitive balance.

A growth focused digital marketing agency

Our mission is to make digital investments profitable and company’s core for growth. Through years of expertise in marketing science, creativity and data excellence we have gathered the most innovative marketing wizards in the industry to help companies like yours break new ground. Join our journey and start scaling your business with some of our expert areas by your side: Digital customer journeys in social media, search, display & online video.

Digitization – the gist of it


Companies face critical decisions as they address digitization as it is blurring the lines between sectors, placing new demands on both leadership and organizational strategy.



Companies have been using technology for decades but customer expectations are very, very different now. About 80% of purchases are researched online before visiting a store and many customers also prefer to complete the purchase online. 



Historically, it would have been very expensive, and a lengthy process, to deliver a highly functional technology solution that customers would want to use. This is no longer the case—it can sometimes be done now in just weeks or months.


Visit Recoordinate's subsidiary DigiView for more information about digital strategy.

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Digital strategy



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Guiding investments to acquire and keep the right customers – Recoordinate Customer Interaction Framework

Value based steering

Using customer lifetime value (CLV) as a key metric organisations can start to discover the potential and value for their customers as well as start  to measure the value driven from campaigns and channels.

Hypothesis driven


An organisations ability to quickly experiment and launch hypothesis driven campaigns will become a key future differentiator. We can help you to, in a structured way, define hypotheses gathered from the organisation, identified in the customer data warehouse or in the customer journey.

Agile process


Using an agile campaign process is key to speed and ability to test. This enables quick responses to competitors initiatives and an ability for the organisation to continuously test and learn using test and control groups.



survival of the most

customer obsessed


Elevate your digital marketing

It’s challenging to navigate your marketing efforts in an increasingly complex marketing landscape, with customers expecting relevant communications and consistency across all channels.


We help you connect the dots on your digital strategy by empowering you with the right marketing automation tools and showing you new and effective ways of doing things.

Efforts where it matters​

Don’t just connect with customers, connect with the right customers at the right time. Insight through customer data paired with a well crafted strategy makes sure you spend your resources where they have the best measurable effect.

Save time with automation

It´s impossible to be everywhere all the time. Automated workflows with personalized customer journeys frees up time for what makes your marketing efforts move forward; concept development, testing, evaluation and refinement.

Full-cycle implementation


Recoordinate is vendor neutral and experienced with all the leading brands in the field; Salesforce, Adobe, Hubspot and many more. We know the marketing automation platform you already use or help you to evaluate, select and get started with the most suitable solution for your organization.


Our spectrum of services covers every aspect of CX technology; audit and strategy, full implementation and set up of your selected platform, fully managed or on-demand service packages, platform training and team capability support.


Fill out our on-line marketing automation health check questionnaire to evaluate your organization's MA efforts.

CX technology pattern


Use the right tools to create a seamless customer experience across every touchpoint.

We work with the top marketing automation technologies
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Brand, communication & content


Our team of strategists and creatives know what it takes to look and sound true to your brand and to fulfill strategic goals. From workshops to cross-channel campaigns we partner with you to lift the experience of your brand with a focus on conversion and revenue through well crafted communication and experiences.

User-centric, always


We create experiences with a user-centric mindset and understanding of the user’s attitudes, thinking patterns and behaviors. Understanding the different phases of the customer lifecycle is key to optimizing the use of each channel, whether it is mail, corporate website, social media or display.


Look the look, walk the walk and

talk the talk—in all your channels.




Future prediction and actionable insight

– become a truly data-driven organization

Data to grow your business


Exctract actionable insights from data and analysis to gain competitive advantage and drive profit. To become truly data driven, build  a solid business intelligence platform from the ground up, customized for your organization.

Industry leading technology

Using standardized and industry leading cloud platforms from Microsoft or AWS offers new ways of prototyping, launching and deploying business ideas and concepts; drastically reducing time-to-market and development time as well as cost of ownership.

Using data to predict the future

We already know what happened and why it happened. But to stay ahead of competition we now need to predict what will happen. Use AI, machine learning and analysis to build models that continusly learn and helps you predict how your customers will behave or when your equipment needs to be upgraded to avoid a production stop.


Visit Recoordinate's subsidiary Reinsight for more information about business intelligence.

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