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We create Growth when we make Digital bright and the Human experience brighter

What we do – top

We work with our customers to develop their digital strategy, organization, data and analysis to generate revenue growth and business agility.

Data-driven growth comes from much more than just being good at data so we also rely on our content, campaigns and customer insight solutions to execute on these strategies.



Become faster, more productive, and more responsive to customer needs.

Business transformation


We help you navigate on your way to achieve business agility; driving cultural change together on all levels in the organization. We provide guidance, support and help on how to change structures, roles and governance to establish a mindset shift. Practically, this means being your partner and trusted advisor in large scale transformational projects.


Agile coaching and interim solutions


Learning new ways of working requires professional instruction, coaching, training and mentoring of leaders, teams and employees to build high performing organizations. We provide you with this knowldedge as part of transformational projects, as interim solutions or as part of a Lean-Agile center of excellence.

Training and education  


We provide you with formal training in Agile methodologies and Agile leadership—tailored for you organizational needs, experience and situation.

Agile way of working

A cultural change does not happen by itself and it can be difficult to know at which end to start

Companies need to find a new way to run their business in order to continue to be successful in a complex world where everything is constantly changing. It's not enough to believe that a new way of working will do the trick, you need to be prepared to give up a lot to really bring about a change that makes the company equipped for future changes and needs.​

Download our whitepaper to read the full version.

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CX technology pattern


Customer experiences are the sums of brand promises, your offer, and every single interaction in every customer journey.

Elevate your digital strategy

We are heading towards an era characterized by empowered customers, merged physical and digital interactions, new channels, new payment methods, AI and Machine Learning and above all a period of constant disruptive competition where every organization constantly needs to review its business models, marketing efforts and customer interactions.


Our point of view is that Marketing, Sales and Services significantly can be improved by increased digital know-how, and customer focus.

Efforts where it matters​

Improving customer experiences means focusing on the entire customer life cycle , prioritizing the customer journeys and then working with the following digital opportunities:


  • Re-engineering of existing business models

  • Improving the understanding of customer behaviour

  • Creating new types of customer interactions

  • Developing new products and services

  • Developing and making use of new intelligence, AI and Machine Learning, etc

  • Creating personalized customer dialogues

  • Mastering cross-functional collaboration

  • Developing new digital solutions and data architectures

  • Managing the opportunities that Metaverse brings

Full-cycle implementation


Our Sales and Marketing, strategy and digital transformation framework focuses on the following six areas:


  • Customer Strategy and Roadmap

  • Digital solutions – MarTech and AdTech

  • Customer Interaction Framework

  • Organization and Competence developments

  • Employee engagement

  • Governance Models and KPIs

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Connect the dots in your digital strategy

We support you in connecting the dots in your digital strategy by empowering you with the right strategy, marketing technology tools and showing you new and effective ways of mastering digital marketing.

We elevate your digital marketing capabilities via Marketing and Advertising Technology solutions, and we partner with all the major Ad Tech and Mar Tech platform suppliers to find the right solutions for your organization. We are vendor agnostic and through our target architecture approach and audits we guide you in finding the right digital solutions explicitly for your organization.

  • Our spectrum of AdTech and MarTech services covers every aspect of Marketing Technology; audit and strategy, full implementation and set up of your selected platform, fully managed or on-demand service packages, platform training and team capability support.

  • Our data scientists, as well as our sister company Reinsight, will help you develop the right customer insights, analytics, data models, AI and Machine Learning, data platforms etc in order to future proof your marketing and sales functions with the help of data, seamless customer dialogues and the right metrics – all above in order to secure constant growth and improved customer experiences in a data-driven world.

  • We are Marketing Experts, and our Digital Marketing, enhanced by our sister company Digiview, will help you create future proofed customer experiences throughout the entire Customer Life Cycle.

Competence wise we are strategy and management consultants, digital marketing experts, customer experience experts, data scientist, BI developers, creative marketers and business agility experts – all in one company with the main focus to create growth and improved customer experiences. Our work is characterized by agile ways of working, we are modern and transparent where our aim is to mobilize and elevate our customers’ organizations.

We work with the top marketing automation technologies
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Digital Transformation


Look the look, walk the walk and
talk the talk—in all your channels.

A growth focused digital marketing agency

Our mission is to make digital investments profitable and company’s core for growth. Through years of expertise in marketing science, creativity and data excellence we have gathered the most innovative marketing wizards in the industry to help companies like yours break new ground. Join our journey and start scaling your business with some of our expert areas by your side: Digital customer journeys in social media, search, display & online video.

Digitization – the gist of it


Companies face critical decisions as they address digitization as it is blurring the lines between sectors, placing new demands on both leadership and organizational strategy.



Companies have been using technology for decades but customer expectations are very, very different now. About 80% of purchases are researched online before visiting a store and many customers also prefer to complete the purchase online. ​



Visit Recoordinate's subsidiary DigiView for more information about digital strategy.



Historically, it would have been very expensive, and a lengthy process, to deliver a highly functional technology solution that customers would want to use. This is no longer the case—it can sometimes be done now in just weeks or months.​​

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Digital Marketing

Easy connection, smooth & inspiring presence. Join us live!

Keep up with the latest news, trends, tips and discussion topics within digital marketing hosted by Digiview.

Businss intelligence



Future prediction and actionable insight

– become a truly data-driven organization

Data to grow your business


Exctract actionable insights from data and analysis to gain competitive advantage and drive profit. To become truly data driven, build  a solid business intelligence platform from the ground up, customized for your organization.

Industry leading technology

Using standardized and industry leading cloud platforms from Microsoft or AWS offers new ways of prototyping, launching and deploying business ideas and concepts; drastically reducing time-to-market and development time as well as cost of ownership.

Using data to predict the future

We already know what happened and why it happened. But to stay ahead of competition we now need to predict what will happen. Use AI, machine learning and analysis to build models that continusly learn and helps you predict how your customers will behave or when your equipment needs to be upgraded to avoid a production stop.

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