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Agile Marketing...
... or future proofed marketing

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The 7 Truths of Agile Marketing

Agile marketing creates moments where you can tweak the process to fit your business needs. It looks for new ways to complete the same work and build outcomes while using what is proven to work.

Here are the truths that agile marketing follows.

  1. Facts Are More Important Than Opinions

  2. Customers Are More Important Than Silos

  3. Target Group Templates

  4. Adaptability Is More Important Than Shock and Awe

  5. Don’t Take a Large Bet

  6. Respond to Change

  7. Be Willing to Stray from the Road


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Download our whitepaper to read the full version.

Agile marketing is a methodology that assures future proofed marketing of goods and services in efficient ways.


It was first developed in 2012, but the definitions have arguably even more relevance today. Businesses of any size can benefit from this marketing approach.

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Whitepaper - English

Agile marketing - or future proofed marketing

Adaptive campaigns take

significantly less time to launch because they keep evolving as the customer needs change.

It gives the marketing team time to

discover what works and what needs to get scrapped.


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