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What we offer


A strategy and management consultant at Recoordinate becomes an essential part of a highly competent team of driven colleagues. Together we live and breath agile transformations and are unitedly engaged in agile organizational development, enterprise agility and agile ways of working.  We work with leading corporations in the Nordic region, with all from individual teams, management and portfolio levels. Our goal is to help companies strengthen their competitive force and become more innovative, agile and customer-centric.

We bring forward our own model of enterprise agility and use it as a red thread in our daily work. As a team, we collaborate on this model and every member of the team have the ability to continuously develop it. With a dynamic consultancy having your back, you are provided great opportunities for development as well as you having the freedom to work both independently, and with the team.

Included in your work assignments

  • Support the management as well as management groups in their transformational processes, with program management, and portfolio steering

  • Strategic and investigative work with complex organizational-and steering questions.

  • Guide organizations and support teams in their agile journey

  • Implement customer-specific workshops and training

  • Build and identify potential business opportunities

Assignments with clients vary in length. Generally, they extend to six months or longer. Our customers mainly consist of leading corporations in the Nordic region.



Your profile

We seek you that have experience from working with organizational transformation/change management and are motivated to facilitate and help organizations towards a more efficient and agile way of working. You are strategic and analytical. In addition, you have an excellent understanding of businesses and customers. We work in teams and have our own individual responsibility and we like to see you being team-oriented.

You are motivated to work in an entrepreneurial organization, you are great at building relationships and you do not hesitate to reach out to clients whenever they need our help. You are as well comfortable to work in different environments and to collaborate and speak in front of people, in a broad variety of companies and positions. A prerequisite for developing and succeding in this role is that you keep up to date in our area of expertise and that you see the need for educating yourself continuously.


Obviously, you are eager to make an impact on our company and to our business development!


  • Requirements for this role includes:

  • Experience from a transformation in large corporations, perhaps with agile nuances.

  • Experience from change management at a strategic level

  • Experience in organizational coaching at a management level

  • You are fluent in speaking and writing Swedish and English

  • You have excellent skills in Powerpoint for making professional and pedagogical material




  • Running agile ways of working in marketing departments/CRM

  • Lean/agile ways of working both as an employed and at management levels.

  • Change management/ transformational journeys towards lean/agile in an organization

  • Introduction of Scrum of Scrums or SAFe

  • Have managed development in which Scrum, XP or Kanban has been ways of working



Your characteristics

  • Prestigeless

  • Humble

  • Curious

  • Distinct

  • Obtain a holistic perspective

Other information

  • Great emphasis will be placed on your personal profile.

  • Location: Sveavägen 59, Stockholm

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Welcome with your application!

Vilka vi är


Recoordinate är ett svenskt konsultbolag som hjälper våra kunder att skapa konkurrensfördelar genom att sätta kunden i fokus och leverera nästa generations kundupplevelse. Vi är specialiserade på att utveckla och effektivisera organisationer, processer och system för att stödja marknadsföring, försäljning och kundservice. Vi bryter ner silos och skapar korsfunktionella team, så att våra kunder kan säkra sin tillväxt och lönsamhet genom att utveckla nästa generations datadrivna kundupplevelser. Du är troligen bekant med många av våra kunder då vi är glada och stolta över att ha fått möjlighet att arbeta med bland annat Telenor, Vattenfall, Nordea, SOS Barnbyar och Paradox.


Vi brinner för vårt arbete, vår omvärld och vi gillar musik, att åka skidor och spela boule. Hos oss finner du dansare, cyklister, surfare, konstvetare, gamers och fashionistas och vi vet hur man maler och brygger det bästa kaffet. Du delar vår filosofi att det är roligt att ta initiativ och du har en positiv syn på livet, gillar att lära dig nytt och att ställas inför nya utmaningar. 

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