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Goodbye, 2022! Trends We’ll Be Taking with Us from the Past Year

In 2022, it felt like life began a return to normalcy. Although the news still has pandemic-related stories and supply chain challenges, we’ve all settled into more familiar daily routines despite Ukraine, economic and energy crises.

Over this past year, we’ve found many challenges to solve. Throughout the year we have conducted many innovative assignments, and that’s reflected in our takeaways as we say goodbye to this past year.

Summary of What We Experienced in 2022

As we move toward 2023, we must look at the road we’ve traveled because those events serve as a foundation for what is to come. Below are our findings from 5 key areas.

1. Digital Marketing in 2022

Video content exploded in popularity across multiple platforms in 2022. Many businesses are now using the model that Quibi began in 2018 but failed to utilize to its greatest extent. Through “shorts” and “reels,” videos as short as 15 seconds reach consumers with relevant information and brand-related expertise.

You can see these outreach efforts on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and even Facebook.

Video is influential with Gen Z consumers, but it reaches every generation at some level. The analytics from video provide data that helps other channels become more successful because you can see what customers are most interested in seeing.

Machine learning is an integral component of digital marketing in 2022. Although retention and revenue are still necessary, you need reliable forecasts to make better decisions. Machine learning is beginning to help to create better predictions, even on hard-to-measure outcomes.

Social proof is another element of digital marketing in 2022 that saw its influence rise. Interactions and clicks increase when social proof appears in advertising, and no brands have reduced effectiveness with its inclusion.

2. Data and Analytics Trends in 2022

Adaptive AI solutions, data fabrics, and information sharing were the trends in 2022 that altered the marketing landscape. These trends allow businesses to anticipate changes and the market better while reducing the risks that uncertainty brings.

We’ve found that decisions are more connected than ever before. Companies that emphasize re-engineering their decision-making processes tend to have more contextual awareness and continuous success. Adaptive artificial intelligence adds flexibility to that process by making it easier to push forward with each new circumstance.

Data fabrics have been created to listen, learn, and act on data, instead of managing it in silos. The data fabrics bring metadata back into the marketing equation, improving trust in organizational information while reducing associated deployment and operational tasks.

Companies must continue to break down their data silos. Those with sharing processes in place increase the opportunities to put the correct information in front of the decision-makers, thereby improving the overall effectiveness.

3. Marketing Technology Landscape Changes

Marketing Technologies continue to grow and go through different cycles where specific technologies receive pushes.

  • Omni-channel marketing hubs have for a while been one of the top trends for businesses, creating a central location where each outreach effort is manageable through several potential approaches. It allows email automation and personalization to become part of the core platform.

  • As personalization continues to be super interesting, Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), enabling “hyper-personalization” have started to take an important part in the MarTech landscape.

  • Influencer and advocacy marketing also continues to provide robust results.

  • Virtual events, which became popular during the pandemic, have kept growing to provide people with even more ways to stay connected to brands or to discover new products and services.

From mobile marketing analytics to shoppable media, new touchpoints developed in the past 2 to 5 years are soon to become mainstream touchpoints.

Although there is some industry resistance to artificial intelligence, we found in 2022 that the adaption rates are increasing. With more awareness of AI, we expect to see its continued growth in the coming year in the field of Marketing Technology as well.

4. Rethinking Agile Marketing

Agile marketing helps businesses build more efficient digital dialogues, improve collaboration, and increase productivity. These outcomes are now emphasized as remote teams become more common across all industries.

In 2022, we focused more on defining and measuring key performance indicators to ensure business goals remain aligned.

The benefit of having agile remote teams is that a business can access talent from almost anywhere in the world. That means that HR services must also become more agile, breaking down their operation silos while adapting to potentially challenging functionalities in payroll, worker retention, and performance management.

5. Becoming a More Data-Driven Organization

When businesses achieve data maturity, their outcomes are at least 2.5 times better than those that have yet to reach that stage. Better outcomes appear in all organizational areas, including efficiency ratings, revenues, and profits.

Improved data maturity in the field of marketing will lead to a higher customer lifetime value and better customer experience.

Some answers took days or weeks to find in the past. Today, that timeframe is now measured in minutes or hours allowing for agile business development.

What to Expect from Us in 2023

Our commitment is still the same – we see tons of opportunities with the customer, digital, and data at the core. We’re finding innovative ways to help our clients achieve their goals while discovering efficient ways to implement new services.

Trends are essential to recognize in the marketing world because they help to get a brand’s foot in the door with potential customers. It’s also important to forge your own path out there because those that experience the most success have found ways to rise above the competition.

The start of a new year is always exciting! In 2023, we cannot wait to help our customers and friends reach new heights while staying true to their vision and values. Stay tuned - we’ll soon get back with our visions for 2023 and beyond. Until then - Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Helena Nordman Stålnacke

Strategic Advisor


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