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Agile Transformation
- Go beyond Agile working methods to Agile organization

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Four primary values are part of the agile working method adoption process


1. Customer collaboration is prioritized over contract negotiations.

2. Individuals and interactions are more important than tools or processes.

3. Working software takes the place of comprehensive documentation.

​4. Instead of following a plan, the goal is to respond to change.

Far too often, these agile working values are confused or conflated for transformation. Even when accurate definitions are part of the agile transformation plan, some parts of the company might progress faster than others with this effort. That leaves some people stuck in “traditional” spaces while others enjoy the benefits of an agile organization. How can a more balanced approach be achieved?

Create Business Agility

Businesses Can’t Deal with Unpredictability by Installing More Controls


Agile working methods become a fixed end-state. Businesses achieve some results in this area, declare their transformation complete, and wonder why they’re not reaping the rewards of becoming flexible.


Instead of embracing a way of being, businesses are substituting one vendor for another. They bring in consultants that deliver static frameworks to serve as a guidepost for agility enhancements. Unfortunately, the only thing that investment achieves is the substitution of one hierarchy structure for another.


Instead of asking what an agile organization looks like, the real question to consider is this one: how can we find a place where change happens continuously?


Until a business is agile everywhere, the benefits cannot arrive in their entirety. Successful organizations become chameleons, shapeshifters, and metamorphosis embracers. An agile working method is only one part of that process. Fundamental transformation occurs when the organization gets worked on daily with input from everyone.




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  • ​Agility Shines a Light on Organizational Problems

  • Self-Organization is the Key That Unlocks Agile Transformation Possibilities

  • Business Agility Must Be Ever-Present


Successful organizations

become chameleons,

shapeshifters, and

metamorphosis embracers

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