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Digital Transformations are necessary to deliver a relevant Customer Experience

Updated: May 17, 2022

Why should businesses think about improving the customer experience? What role do Customer Experiences have in the modern marketplace?

The truth about Customer Experiences is that it has a significant impact on a company’s revenue streams and bottom line. Most companies nowadays begin realizing that improved competitiveness can be achieved by improved customer experiences. A moderate increase in customer experience outcomes can generate an above-average revenue boost.

What is the key that unlocks Customer Experience success? Realizing the importance of every single touchpoint is part of the truth. Therefore, constantly improving the digital maturity of your front-line operations is a key success factor.

Top Ideas to Start Improving the Customer Experience

We foresee that the frontline digital transformations will continue happening over the next decade, driven by compelling business cases. If your team, brand, or business hasn't started this process yet, you will probably get left behind. Also – the front-line digital transformation journey is a journey that never ends if it is well done.

The below tips can help you get moving – or keep going!

1. Find the right Digital Solutions

To connect the dots and allow for close to real-time personalized dialogues you must take a holistic approach to your digital solutions. Aim at finding the right solutions via a holistic Target Architecture approach.

2. Use Customer Data Platforms

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) provide a 360-degree customer view. When you have a better understanding of what a person wants, it’s much easier to deliver a meaningful solution that solves individual pain points.

CDPs provide unique views of each customer. They collect data from several sources before unifying it across all devices.

With CDPs you’re creating a flexible technology stack that encourages progression and growth.

3. Aim at Personalization

With today's data possibilities, it's possible to customize each customer experience.

Most companies today move towards hyper-personalization knowing that every single piece of customer information matters to be seen in an information noise that keeps evolving.

You can approach personalization in several ways, including web behavior, geolocation, dynamic content, and customized surveys. But most importantly – personalization is not a static activity, but rather something you need to finetune on-going.

4. Get Familiar with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already embedded into most Marketing Technology tools. Embedded AI includes content curation, send-time optimization, recommendation engines, and much more.

Chatbots can be there for consumers all day, every day. Natural language processing (NLP) allows you to understand individuals better. Machine Learning will help you make the right decisions.

Whether using AI to act as a personal shopper or serve as a frontline customer service option, the AI enhancements will allow you to listen more, customize the interactions, and improve the overall customer experience.

5. Take an Omni-channel Mindset

It wasn’t that long ago people could sit at their computer, connect with a brand, and call it a day. That made life easy for businesses wanting to improve their Customer Experiences.

More than half of web traffic today comes from mobile devices, but it’s not just the online channels that matter. An omni-channel mindset includes offline options that connect customers to your business.

It’s not unusual for a consumer to switch channels multiple times as part of the journey. When you adapt to this unpredictable meandering approach, you’ll deliver more precise customer journeys that lead to improved customer experiences.

6. Focus on a Customer Lifecycle Approach

It’s vital to harmonize your dialogues throughout the entire Customer Life Cycle. The vision is a Full-Funnel approach where data and digital tools enable a harmonious approach from unidentified customers to loyal customers, throughout the entire customer lifetimes.

A customer life cycle approach helps you improve the overall customer experience, lay the foundation for future results, and drive digital initiatives and necessary organizational change.

Are You Ready to Start Improving Your Customer Experiences?

The above ideas can significantly improve the returns you receive from your marketing investments when appropriately handled. Although multiple paths to success exist, businesses must in 2022 be technically and data literate to achieve sustainable results in a digital world. It’s all about data, insights, channels, and automation.

Whether you're on that first step or further along, we hope that the above ideas can help you deliver the essential customer experience that's needed today, as well as increase your revenues, customer satisfaction, and overall competitiveness.

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