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Marketing Automation – a critical tool for data-driven business development

Updated: May 17, 2022

There are today several IT solutions that will enhance your business development potential by intelligent use of data and automation, Marketing Automation is definitively one of them. Marketing Automation is a critical solution within the entire Marketing Technology stack.

Which Marketing Automation tool should you then choose or upgrade to?

This is an important question that should be thoroughly considered. Our recommendation is to develop a Target Architecture, i.e., an IT architecture looking 3-5 years ahead, for the entire Marketing Technology area and a roadmap for your digital transformation path.

A Target Architecture needs to consider your current:

  • Digital solutions

  • Business logic and business requirements

  • IT strategy

  • Channel priorities

  • Investment possibilities.

Our recommendation is also to create a business case for the development potential and align the roadmap to the business case. By aligning the roadmap to the business case, you will easier get buy-in for the prioritized investments.

What does a Marketing Automation solution cost?

This will of course depend on the chosen tools – but normally the Marketing Automation solutions will be priced based upon the size of your customer base and the types of activities that you want to perform.

Our recommendation is to focus on the business case, identify the KPI’s that you can affect, and consider Marketing Automation tools as investments, not costs. The better you have done your homework with the Target Architecture, and the better the fit of the chosen solution is for your specific organization, the more returns on your investments you will get.

A marketing automation solution will generally impact the following KPI’s:

Picture: KPI’s affected by investments in Marketing Automation solutions.


Helena Nordman Stålnacke

Strategic Advisor


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